Our Team

Salt and light in the city for over 40 years!
We are a team of people who live here in the city, some of us for a long time already. Most of us have full-time jobs and are part-time YWAM staff or, rather, we are full-time YWAM workers but our mission field is our job. In our team, we have a doctor, a banker, a midwife, a psychologist, etc. and they work in their profession, knowing that God has placed them there to reach people in different spheres of society. Our profession is our calling.

We are located, not in one building, but spread across the city in different apartments. Our weekly staff meetings take place in the big living room of one of our families. Next to staff weekends, we annually run a team project, some examples are an outreach in the city, a Re-engage event for former YWAMers, a seminar, hosting outreach teams, or a one-week DTS Xpress.

We work closely with other Christian initiatives in the city and the Rhine-Main region, with local church communities, and the network of former YWAM students or coworkers. Collaboration takes place across all confessions of the Christian faith.