Next Generation
We believe that God loves young people and takes them seriously.
What we want…
We believe that God loves young people and takes them seriously. So we make room for the next generation and take it into our service.
We take responsibility for young Christians and accompany them in the organization of their everyday life – that is, consistent Christianity in school or study, family, friendships and other areas. We invite them to join us in our evangelism, prayer activities and other projects and encourage them to actively participate with their talents and abilities. We also want to support young people as they seek and grow into their vocation.
For several years, we have been involved in the conceptual development and practical implementation of a long-term training for children and teenagers aged 9-18 years. This takes place in the form of camps, seminars and evangelistic outreaches at home and abroad. (Prag 2016)
The model of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) – both teaching and practical application phase – is extended over a longer period. Children and young people together learn what consistent Christian living means in everyday life. We call this program Kinderjüngerschaftsschule (Children Discipleship School) or Teenagerjüngerschaftsschule (Teenager Discipleship School).
Children’s home group
From the outset, we take children seriously in their relationship with Jesus. We read the Bible together and try to implement what we learn in our everyday lives. We pray together and share common worship times. For evangelization purposes we practice performances and dances.
On request, we would be happy to organize seminars on this concept in other groups or churches.