We believe in the triune God who sees and loves mankind, and who wants all humans to be saved.
The way we understand it
We believe in the triune God who sees and loves mankind, and who wants all humans to be saved. As a missionary society, we take Jesus’ command to go and make disciples (Matt. 28: 19-20) seriously and embrace JMEM’s motto “To know God and to make Him known” in our lives. Moved by our own enthusiasm, we hope to connect with the people around us – to answer questions, to discuss and to report on specific experiences with regard to our faith.
Evengelistic Actions
We carry out evangelistic missions and actions at home and abroad – and most importantly in the middle of Frankfurt – communicating the Gospel to people. We use creative, contemporary and culturally relevant ways to speak to people. Evangelism can take on a variety of forms:

  • giving gifts, e.g. give away roses, clean shoes, bake waffles
  • Prayer and intercession outreaches
  • Street worship services with a creative/artistic program, sermons, etc.
  • and much more

We also support other evangelistic projects.

Evangelization training for churches and groups
Due to our experience in evangelistic actions, we also seek to encourage other Christians to evangelize. We would love to come to your congregation to share our enthusiasm for evangelism with you, to train you in helpful seminars and workshops and to carry out joint actions.

From our “tool kit” we provide you with the following building blocks:

  • Biblical foundations of mission and evangelism
  • How to initiate evangelistic conversations, to preach and give testimonies
  • Rehearsing dances, mimes, preludes
  • Developing your own creative evangelism methods
  • Organization and procedure of evangelistic actions
  • Evenings of intercession and motivational church services

So if you want to join us in the “adventure of evangelism”, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to it!