Urban DTS

15.09.2018 – 02.03.2019

Do you want to be part of our exciting 6-month yourney with god – and part of god’s history in Frankfurt?

So what is YWAM (Youth With A Mission)?

Testimonials from former DTS students

One experience I made and which I can’t forget during my Outreach to the Philippines was: One evening the mayor of the village, in which we stayed invited us to a village-celebration. There was a big stage in the center of the village, we had dinner and the mayor asked us to perform a worship song. We had some good musicians with us and agreed. After performing the song more and more kids and adults came to the stage and shouted for more. At the end we could perform five worship songs with lots of people around. We had a really good worship time and learned whether we had practiced or not– not the quality is important but your heart to worship God.

Hello, I´m Adrian and I did my DTS in Germany last year. I had a very intense half year with God. It totally changed me and my perspective about God and his plan for me. You have to know that I had a hard time before this school. I tried a lot of things and fell into the mud several times. I decided to stop everything and to dedicate this time for God. I said: “God, please surprise me and form me – I want to start new with you and see what you have in store for me.“ The most amazing thing for me was to get to know God in a new and very practical way. That means not to know every bible verse by heart, but to know what this means for me and my life very practically in my life and my environment, when going back in my every-day-life. I learnt what it means to life as a christian and to be light for my neighbors, classmates, fellow students and family in order that they see something different in me and say: “I want to have what you got!“ That’s what I learnt during my DTS.

One experience I will not forget during my lecture phase was our Sunday walks with us as „DTS-Girls“. For me it was really important to spend time with the other girls where we could share, laugh, cry, drink coffee or eat some cookies. Nothing spectacular, but it was so important for me!

Hello, my name is Jana Gmünder, I did my DTS in the Black forest (lecture phase). for Outreach I went to the Philippines. For me my DTS was the best and most impressive time I ever had – until now. One subject that struck me most was the subject of „identiy“. I was able to learn totally anew who I am in Christ and what I am able to do. What are my strength and my weaknesses? I can benefit from this In my daily life, because it is so much easier to live when you know who you are and that you are pretty cool. On the other hand I learned that God is so much greater than I ever imagined, and that He has much more love than I ever thought.