Urban DTS

15.09.2018 – 02.03.2019

Do you want to be part of our exciting 6-month yourney with god – and part of god’s history in Frankfurt?

Lecture Phase

In the first three months, the so-called lecture phase, guest speakers from all over the world come to teach basic and profound knowledge about the Christian faith, but also their own insights and experiences from their lives as followers of Jesus. These are people who have long been active in a wide range of areas and have a lot of life experience.

Topics include:

  • The Father’s Heart of God
  • World Mission
  • The Bible and how it is relevant to us today
  • Listen to God’s voice
  • Build the kingdom of God, positively influence and transfom society
  • Creative Evangelism
  • Worship, Adoration and Intercession
  • Business as mission
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Identity and Relationship

Outreaches in Frankfurt

In addition, during this time you will participate in evangelistic and practical outreaches in Frankfurt, partly in collaboration with other Christian groups and communities. Through these efforts, we want to serve different social groups and bring people closer to the love of God in word and deed. You will also be prepared for this during the lecture phase, and you will be able to learn how diverse the possibilities are to make God known (through personal testimonies, art and creativity, practical work, prayer, etc.).


Dominik, 26, Oberursel (Germany)– DTS 2009 in Hurlach (Germany)

I’m soo thankful for my DTS! I got to know not only one of my best friends – I experienced God intensively and could grow in my relationship to him which still influences my daily life nowadays.

Cordula, 47, Bischofsheim a. d. Rhön (Germany) - DTS 1995 in Altensteig (Germany)

My DTS was an big adventure with God. The wonderful teaching about different topics – for example friendship with God, identity, relationships, the character of God, etc. – had changed my life and my view of God totally. The most important week for me was the week about the fatherheart of God. The teaching was touching my heart so much. I had always an angry and punishing God in my mind, and that was changed in that week. Now I know that I have a father in heaven who loves me so much.

Johanna, Altensteig – DTS 2015 in Altensteig (Germany)

God used this intensive time to win my whole life completely for him.He showed me that it hasn´t to be difficult to follow His call and that he has given me talents I can use for His kingdom.

Johnny, 22, Frankfurt – DTS 2012 in Brisbane (Australia)

DTS was the first big step after my conversion and into my calling.During this time I developed a totally new understanding of church and Missions. I met lots of inspiring people and figured out how to use my talents and my life for serving in God´s kingdom. To make a long story short: These were life-changing 6 months!

Klara, 23, Frankfurt – DTS 2012 in Los Angeles (California)

I guess I never before experienced God as real as I did during this half year. He showed me what it means to have a real relationship with him and that this is only the beginning of what he has in store for and with me. I lost my fear of men, saw healings and was allowed to experience His love in a total new way.

Carsten, 53, Frankfurt – DTS 1986 in Biel (Switzerland)

During my DTS God has started an intense healing process for my personality. He gave me s spiritual vision for my life and a hunger for a radical lifestyle with jesus as well as a perspective for my job as medical doctor. Additionally, I had hardly as much fun in my life as during my DTS and experienced a secure and loving community life as never before.

Tabea, 18, Möhrendorf (Germany) – DTS 2016 in Hurlach (Germany)

For me DTS was the greatest gift God has given to me. I got to know not only marvelous people but also my heavenly father and his unfailing never-ending love. Thanks to this time I became a completely new person and encountered the identity God desired for me. Since my DTS the Holy Spirit is my very best friend and I can’t imagine a life without him. I’ll never be alone, for he is right by my side.

Lydia, Heidelberg (Germany) – DTS 2010 in Perth (Australia)

During my DTS I have learned to hear God’s Voice in my everyday life. I have experienced His provision in so many situations. I have learned to trust Him. My passion for Jesus and for other people has been increased so much during DTS.