Urban DTS

15.09.2018 – 02.03.2019

Do you want to be part of our exciting 6-month yourney with god – and part of god’s history in Frankfurt?


Is there a special focus of the DTS in Frankfurt?

Salt & Light – Jesus told his disciples to be salt and light. Salt can refer to the gospel, which is powerful and reaches to the heart. Light is intended to illuminate and give lights to others. As the disciples of Christ we have to shine by our words and deeds. We are the salt and light in Frankfurt and to the world – to make a difference wherever we are and to light the darkest areas of someone’s life.

Urban – We as YWAM team do not just accidentally live in Frankfurt, but believe that God has placed us in Frankfurt with a purpose. We have a heart for Frankfurt, we pray for our city and are inspired by the possibilities to build God’s kingdom in a German metropolis. And we want to effect the students of our DTS with our enthusiasm.

What is so special about YWAM Frankfurt?

YWAM Frankfurt is characterized by the fact that all members also work in their profession besides their activities in YWAM. To all of us a holistic understanding of the kingdom of God is important. We want to overcome the often-perceived separation between voluntary commitment or ministry and our profession in order to effect social transformation where we live and work. For the kingdom of God is everywhere – profession is calling.

To be enrooted locally and regionally is a further focus of YWAM Frankfurt. This is shown by the cooperation with other christian initiatives in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region, joint projects and activities with local churches and the networking of former students or employees of YWAM. This takes place across confessional boundaries of the Christian faith.

How am I accommodated?

You live in simple community accommodation in Frankfurt or the surrounding area. The accommodation is gender-separated – unless you come as a couple, then you get a common room. In order to keep the costs low, everyone helps with the practical work such as cleaning, cooking, washing, etc.

How could my daily routine look like in the DTS?

During the lectur phase, the morning is usually devoted to teaching with the guest speakers. After lunch, joint activities or special gatherings (such as small groups or preparation for outeaches) are on the agenda or the students participate in practical work. There will be lessons on at least one evening, sometimes events by YWAM or other Christian groups and communities, e.g. worship, intercession, fellowship, etc. Once a week a joint evangelistic outrech takes place. Partially the evenings and weekends are free for your own studies or tasks, spending time with each other or exploring our city. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are usually taken together.

I do not speak German. Is this a problem?

No. YWAM is an international movement, and a DTS is a popular way to gain experience in another country. That’s why there will be other DTS students as well as employees and guest speakers who also do not speak German. The entire program is bilingual (English and German) so that the communication is not a problem. In Frankfurt there are a lot of peopla people from many different nations, so you will get along in English very well. And since the Outreach will take place in a non-German-speaking country, there will be no problems for you to communicate. So: relax 🙂

Where will the Outreach take place?

We as members of staff will ask God where he wants us to send. If there are several options – depending on the number of DTS students – there will be a leeway for decision-making so that we can find out together which „your“ location will be.

Are there guidelines for smoking and alcohol?

The treatment of alcohol and cigarettes is a topic frequently discussed among Christians, and there are different attitudes depending to the culture in which you have lived or grown up. For the time of the DTS, we ask you to refrain from smoking. Regarding alcohol, we expect you act responsibly, considerate and reflect on the cultural backgrounds and experiences of other students and employees.

What about relationships?

DTS is an intense time that will challenge you emotionally and spiritually. We are sure, You will have enough to do with yourself. If you are still not in a relationship, you are doing a great favor to yourself and the others if you move any romantic courtship to the time after the DTS.

Can I continue to receive child allowance for the time during the DTS?

Basically, yes. We can provide you with corresponding documents, which are needed by the child care center. Please contact us in time. However, whether it is approved to you or not we cannot promise. This often dependents very much on where you submit your application.