Visions & Goals
Here you will find our vision, which serves as the basis for our activities and our prayers. They are not yet – or only partially – implemented, but we continue to dream and to work at making our dreams come true.
To reach the city with the gospel
We dream of

  • … diverse and creative evangelistic actions – adapted to different target groups in the city districts and to the respective urban character
  • … annually hosting 52 outreach teams from all over the world in Frankfurt
  • … many Christians from different churches throughout the city participate in ongoing evangelistic actions
Jmem Vision
Churches to serve non-Christians
We dream of

  • … annually 100 short-term missionaries from the Frankfurt churches – especial people who think they are not suitable for missions, e.g. the elderly, families with young children, young people
  • … a stronger Christian orientation and commitment toward the world beyond the church, so that services and institutions are established, which permanently benefit all the people of our city
  • … Christian groups and congregations organizing outreaches and church members joining already existing projects
Influence diverse social strata of the city:
We dream of

  • … a network of Frankfurt Christians (especially key persons and decision-makers) from diverse social strata and professional groups
  • … thematic and area-specific working groups in which Christians of the same profession exchange views on professional issues and support each other in prayer
  • … individuals being strengthened and encouraged to positively influence their professional environment